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Arriving at Dr GreenStore, the Gorilla Punch Auto seed, this magnificent autoflower produces beautiful deep purple buds with up to 26% THC, and offers everything a top-notch autoflower should offer: incredible flavours, a powerful effect and huge yields.

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Gorilla Punch Auto · FastBuds Seeds

 Gorilla Punch Auto produces gorgeous buds that dazzle with a mix of light and dark purple hues and sky-high yields, up to 550g/m2, making it a must for growers looking for impressive results in 56-63 days with no effort. additional. A great all-day strain for those looking for a perfectly balanced effect that gives you that extra boost you need for creative exploration while reducing anxiety, and a delicious terpene profile that ranges from creamy lemongrass to a blend of woody and earthy herbs that coats your palate and leaves you salivating for more.

Bud Description: Expect thick purple colas coated in resin. Plus, the shiny brown hairs that cover the small but extremely dense buds make them a real treat for the eyes and give them that high-end look that all growers crave. If you're already won over by the look , the smell will have you coming back for more. As soon as you break a bud, you will instantly taste a hint of the delicious "pot-pourri" of terpenes. It starts out as a pungent gaseous scent that gradually reveals a much more complex terpene profile that cannabis connoisseurs will appreciate.

Effect: Due to its high THC content, this strain hits hard and after a couple of puffs, you'll be chattering like never before. Gorilla Punch Auto is a great strain for social situations and for those looking to lift their mood or tap into their creativity while still benefiting from the medical properties this strain has to offer. Thanks to its Indica side, this strain puts you in a focused state of mind and eases anxiety, allowing you to maintain a positive momentum throughout the day. Those who are not used to potent strains should start with smaller doses and with greater caution, as this is a potent strain that will leave you stuck on the couch if you don't have a high enough tolerance.

Appearance of the plant: it grows quite tall, reaching a maximum of 120 cm and developing quite wide leaves with fine fingers, typical of hybrid varieties. Gorilla Punch Auto is ideal for beginners who will be able to get yields of up to 550g/m2, so expect lots of brilliant golf ball sized buds from head to toe without any extra effort. Thanks to exceptional genetic selection, the thick buds are perfectly placed along the main cola and branches and develop with few leaves, making her grow cycle as seamless as possible from seed to harvest.

Growing Tips: Gorilla Punch Auto produces some incredibly dense buds, so make sure you get a couple of bamboo stakes or a net from SCRoG to keep the branches from breaking, as you shouldn't have any issues for the last couple of weeks. . When flowering begins, your entire grow space will be overwhelmed with pungent aromas, so have a carbon filter and extractor ready, and make sure they are sufficient for the size of your grow space. It is highly recommended to tie the branches, as it allows you to maximize light efficiency and improve airflow between the buds, preventing mold and other pests from attacking your plants.

Taste: The terpene-rich buds have a unique smell, a sweet background that softens the smoke and rounds it out, resulting in an exceptional flavor that starts out bittersweet citrus on the inhale and gradually turns into a creamy lemon foam with a powerful background of cloves and cinnamon on the exhale.


  •  Flavor: Spicy, Lemon, Woody, Spicy
  •  THC: Up to 26%
  •  CBD: <0.5%
  •  Harvest EU Indoor: 450 – 550 gr/m2
  •  Indoor US Harvest: 1.5 – 1.8 oz/ft2
  •  Harvest EU outdoors: 50 – 150 gr/plant
  •  Outdoor USA Harvest: 2 – 5 oz/plant
  •  Size:XL
  •  EU Height: 70 – 120cm
  •  US Height: 28-47 inches
  •  Harvest time: 8 – 9 weeks
  •  Room: Indoor/Outdoor
  •  Gender: Feminized
  • Sativa: 45%/Indica: 55%
  •  Autoflowering: Yes

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