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Blue Rhino · Positronic Seeds 

Blue Rhino is the result of careful selection from hundreds of plants in a classical aging process ensures that you get one of the most powerful and exquisite hybrids that more experienced growers were demanding. By genetics Blue was selected original female British Columbia for its unique organoleptic properties that provide a flavor and aroma reminiscent between blueberry and currant. Regarding genetics Rhino, known for its medicinal, almost narcotic, given its high content in CBD include the perfect hybrid between plants Afghan, Brazilian and Indian.

Blue Rhino takes many of the qualities Blue, and even in advanced stages of flowering has shades from blue to magenta.
Plant is looking out of the ordinary, with a huge central bud. Not a huge issue due to its indica component and small amounts of leaves or foliage, although large. Minimum distance and thick branches can support the weight of large flower clusters.


  • -Type: Indica. -Medicinal.
  • -Production: 600 gr/m2.
  • -Inside: 60 days.
  • -Exterior: 1st week Oct.
  • -THC: 16%. -CBD: 1.9%.

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