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Cum Laude · Positronics Seeds

Cum laude is the result of a triple hybridization between plants with high sativa component. Selected cuttings were given to us with the intention of selective breeding work with each other and develop a stable line of pure sativa.
GENEALOGY (Queen Mother X Tijuana) X Original Haze

Description plant physiological
Since its birth, grow at an astounding rate with perfect shaped pattern typical fir. Pruning in growth will change the shape of candlestick pattern (more discreet and unnoticed). And that is why it is advisable to reduce the maximum growing period. Presents internodal distance the branches and stems structure optimally supports the weight of the large flower clusters. Average number of leaves, very narrow and serrated having a faint green color during all phases. The buds resemble thick and fluffy hairy wheatstalks and of course, covered with a layer of oily tricomes

Cum Laude

  • -Type: 100% pure Sativa.
  • -Production: Very high.
  • -Interior: 45/55 days of flowering!
  • -Exterior: Oct. 4th week
  • -THC: CBD ----: ----.

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