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Grapefruit · Positronics Seeds

His legend differs according to sources. Some say it comes from backcrosses of jack herer. Other that is the result of combining NLxSkunk1xAfghani. We doubt greatly on these indications, as we found no resemblance to their ancestors.
This fact makes it even more special, rare and valuable the original clone. Unanimously chose this gene play primarily by smell, taste and quality of the final product.
Organoleptic features exclusive original clone possessing this should not be lost or diluted, so it is decided to use a technique known as Inbreeding or interesting selfing and maintain their organoleptic characteristics intact and unchanged with some seeds S1 Original elite clone.

Plant very few branches since its inception, with strong main stem will not need reinforcements. Presents moderate medium sized leaves. Flowers show great deal of intense orange hairs.
Develop a large central bud and some orbital or peripheral branches.


  • Genealogy: C99 x Thai x ..
  • Flowering indoor: 50-55 days.
  • Flowering outdoor: October 5-10.
  • Production: 300-500gr/planta
  • THC: 18% CBD: 0.5%

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