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SuperCheese Express Auto · Positronics Seeds

A throwback to the old school flavors. An old skunk that leaves no one indifferent. To preserve the touch of cheese and not get out of the initial flavors, we hybridized this wonderful plant with another eponymous yours of different origin which gives great stability. The result is great. A sharp cheesy flavor, strong pleasant aftertaste and enviable production.

Robust plant with fir pattern tends to be plump and medium. It is ideal to achieve high production at discrete sites where plant height is a problem. Its flowers are covered with resin staying almost entirely white. Flowers are large and compact, with a small amount of leaves small and dim green tending to magenta in the harvest stage.


The express version of our award-winning SUPERCHEESE surprise you. The force from the start showing results in an automatic and large resinous flowers. Maintains cheese flavor structure and an automatic luxury.

Flowering: 65/70 days after germination.


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