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Caramelice CBD · Positronic Seeds 

We present the CBD version of our popular Caramelice, as more and more growers who choose strains rich in CBD for their surprising medicinal virtues and light drunkenness, which make them suitable for both playful and therapeutic use. This is the key to gaining popularity, notoriety and deserved fame. A plant of easy cultivation with a high degree of satisfaction in all the aspects that will surprise to all that they cultivate and enjoy it.
Visually we perceive an enormous physiological similarity between Caramelice and CBD + Caramelice. Strong vigor from birth, presenting moderate internodal distance. Abundant branch with large amount of medium-large foliage. Once the flowering progresses, it will develop large orange flower towers, which will compact satisfactorily as we approach its collection, reminding us of its Skunk offspring, also in the development of the crop. Easy to cultivate and resistant, you should only optimize the medium with a correct aeration, so as not to have fungus problems due to the abundance of branches completely covered with flowers.
AROMA: Strongly citrus awning, but including in its organoleptic complexity new earthy shades characteristic of CBD varieties.
FLAVOR: It continues to be expressed in the mouth as a Skunk variety, also perceiving in a more subtle way reminiscences to mobs and roasted.
EFFECT: Eureka! Here we will check the main difference with Caramelice. The offspring of CBD + Caramelice will contain levels equal to or greater than 4% of CBD in its chemical composition. Individuals with more atypical compositions will also be able to find individuals with ratios 1: 1 or even individuals with ratio 1: 2. In short, a range of physical effects, lighter and more medicinal depending on the composition of chemo types of each individual cultivated.

  • CROSS: CBD elit clone x Caramelice
  • VARIETY: 65% Indica 35% Pure CBD
  • THC: Medium
  • CBD: High
  • INTERIOR FLOWERING: 66-69 days
  • EXTERIOR FLOWERING: October 8-15

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