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S.A.D. Fast Version  (Sweet Afghani Delicious) · Sweet Seeds

Feminized autoflowering version available, ultra-fast flowering, one of the sweetest and most aromatic varieties from our catalog. This gene is a hybrid resulting from the crossing of a selected strain of SAD Auto and  Black Domina selected in 1998. This genetic cross between an Auto and a non Auto creates an F1 Hybrid Not Auto, but Fast:  the flowering time is shorter in a week regarding the SAD-S1. 
Variety of very dense buds and great resin production. The aroma of this variety is delicious, very sweet and musky plants typical of some Afghan Old School. 

Features - 

  • Indica / Sativa: 90% / 10% 
  • Last Indoor: 400-500 g/m2 
  • Last Exterior: 350-550 g / plant 
  • Flowering indoor: 6 - 7 weeks 
  • Outdoor Harvest: Early September
Sweet Seeds

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