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Snow Fruit · Sweet Seeds

From Sweet Seeds we present you the abominable plant of the snow. It has a predominantly indica genetics, that in our opinion it has rarely been seen before.

This strain has an exagerated development of the lateral branches, because of this just one plant can ocupy a large extensive area of cultivation and produce by itself a huge harvest.

Due to it’s high development potential it tolerates and even it requires a rich mixture in nitrogen and oligoelements just like chelates of iron to prevent non desired yellowish.

It produces suculent and compact buds due to its big length calyxes, while it blooms it exhibits a charming policromacy in its foliage with shades of green, magenta, red, purple… It also develops a big mantle of trichomes in the flowering bunch and big part of the foilage during this phase.

It’s a strong strain, with a very short internodal distance and strong stalks that helps it to resist very well outdoors the strong gusts of wind. While fresh, it’s aroma reminds a mix of mint and fruits of the forest, with slight flavor of toasted almonds and humus.It’s effects are very strong and relaxing due to it’s high percentage of THC and CBD. Strain of high medicinal effects.

Specification sheet:

  • Indica/Sativa : 90%-10%
  • Interior yield: 400-550 gr /m2
  • Exterior yield: 350-550 gr /plant
  • Blooming indoor: 8 weeks
  • Harvest outdoor: end of september
  • THC: 15-20% CBD: 1.8% CBN: 0.5 %
Sweet Seeds

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