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SugarPop · Philosopher Seeds · Golo Line

Sugarpop is another strain born from the collaboration between Philosopher Seeds and Reggae Seeds. This time the Golo Line breeders crossed White Russian x Kalijah with a reversed Jack The Ripper female. The result was the most indica variety of the Golo-Line collection. 

Sugarpop seeds have great power of germination and vigour, producing plants of good structure, with average internodal distance, beautiful look and easy to grow.

We can distinguish two phenotypes quite marked, recognizable at a glance by their height: one is medium sized while the other is a little smaller.

We recommend at least 3 weeks of vegetative growth, although an extra week would be ideal for the smaller phenotype.

With the change of photoperiod, Sugarpop develops a large central bud with few branches. It produces an amazing amount of pistils, resulting in a plant of great beauty. From the aforementioned phenotypes, one has compact calyxes while the other one produces lots of resin, a trait that comes from Jack The Ripper.

Under artificial lights, the resinous phenotype will be ready to harvest after 55 days from changing the photoperiod; the other phenotypes will need 7/10 extra days to complete their cycle. In all cases the production per plant is medium-high, with hard buds, completely covered with resin.

This plant is very resistant to high temperatures, pests and diseases, but its large central cola forces us to control mildew in the later stages of flowering. We should also take particular attention to nutrient application, since it is a sensitive plant to over-fertilisation.


  • Genetics: RK Crossing # 14 x Ripper # 1
  • Sativa-Indica Content: 60%-40%
  • Indoor Flowering: 55/65 days
  • Outdoor Harvest: October
  • Indoor yield: 400-500 g/m2
  • Outdoor yield: 400-600 grams per plant

Regarding the taste, Sugarpop is sweet - mostly from White Russian - mixing the scents of all its parentals, from the earthy incense of Kalijah to the haze of Jack the Ripper. When the plant is dry it does not smell too much, so it is a good strain carry some buds without been discovered. Despite this fact, this light odour hides a very strong flavor, very persistent on the palate.

Sugarpop provides a mild stimulant effect that will end in a state of relaxation, ideal to consume in the second phase of the day to relax our mind and body.

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