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    CRIMEA BLUE · Barneys Farm · kenevir tohum · Disi · Fem

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    Crimea Blue · Barneys Farm 

    Cannabis Cup Indica 2007. 

    By crossing the popular, fruity-tasting Blueberry strain with the earthy spiciness of a hardy Crimean hash plant, Barney’s Farm has created a new flavor sensation that’s easy to tend. This fast flowering plant grows short and thick, producing above average yields of large, fluffy colas. Ideal for both SOG and ScrOG growing systems. The rewards far outweigh the required gardening efforts: the flavors of lemon peel and rosemary, followed by a long-lasting, psychoactive high.


    • type: indica dominant
    • yield: 450gr/m2
    • height: 55-65cm
    • flower time: 50-55 days
    • harvest time: mid/end september
    • thc: 18.5%
    • cbd: 1.4%
    • genetics: afghanistan/pakistan
    Barneys Farm

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