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LITTLE CHEESE AUTO · Barneys Farm · kenevir tohum · Disi · AutoFem



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Little Cheese Auto · Barneys Farm 

Is not only exceptionally aromatic and flavorful, it offers the best Auto-flowering results. Fragrances from the large, dense buds provide a preview of the sensory pleasures to come: inviting floral scents beautifully offset by pungent, musky notes. The smoke offers a range of fruity sweet tastes and tropical delights, from blueberries to sour apple – all brought together with a rich accent of butterscotch sweetness. a complex palette of assertive flavors linger on the tongue.nThere's nothing understated about Little Cheese, including the high, which begins with a satisfying cerebral focus, and soon cascades through the body, relaxing muscle tension and encouraging tranquil ease. Another smoker's delight from Barney's Farm.


  • Cbd: high
  • flr.time: auto flowering
  • genetics: ruderalis/skunk#1/blueberry
  • har.time: auto flowering
  • height: 40-50cm
  • thc: 12-15%
  • type: auto flowering x feminised x indica
  • yield: 15-20gr
Barneys Farm

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