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BLUE CHEESE AUTOMATIC · Big Buddha Seeds · Disi · AutoFem

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Blue Cheese Auto · Big Buddha Seeds 

Big Buddha's Cannabis Cup winning strain 'Blue Cheese' is undoubtedly a world renowned favourite of many cannabis aficionados. We used a selected high quality Blue Cheese clone from our experts in Amsterdam & used this famous coffeeshop clone to cross with our latest 3rd generation auto-flowering genetic line, to bring you the 'Blue Cheese Automatic'. Expect some super fast auto flowering growth throughout and when harvested produces super stoney, cheesy nuggets that are dense and compact... and laden with that famous Blueberry Cheese aroma now fully recognisable as a feminised autoflowering plant!

Parents: Original UK Cheese x Blueberry 
Genetics: Autoflowering Indica/Sativa Hybrid
Sex: Feminized 
Flowering indoor: 8 to 10 weeks 
Flowering outdoor: End of October 
Sensory experience: Direct, sublime cosmic high with no ceilin.
Smell: Old Skool Blueberry goodness,high grade dank. 
Taste: Fruity Blue Cheese, spicy 'road kill' skunk!
Effect: Euphoric and functional 
Aroma: Sweet, fruity and with renowned touch of influence Cheese 
Taste: Sweet, blueberry.
Big Buddha Seeds

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