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Cheesus  ·  Big Buddha Seeds

Cheesus was originally developed by the 'new school' of Amsterdam. This next generation of breeders started by selecting a prized 'God Bud' male from seeds derived from the BC Bud Depot (Canada) and crossed it with the Big Buddha Cheese clone and came out with the first hybrids, ...The son of God....'Cheesus'.

Cheesus will grow lavender, pine berry cheese flavoured buds with excellent medicinal properties to heal the empty headspaces of its disciples...Cheesus Christ!

  • Parents: Big Buddha Cheese (UK) x Godbud (BC Bud Depot) Canada
  • Flowering time indoors: 9 - 11 weeks.
  • Flowering time outdoors: Beginning of November.
  • Sensory experience: Euphoric stoned, good karma.
  • Smell: Deep dank frankincense.
  • Taste: Lavender tart fruitiness.
Big Buddha Seeds

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