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    SUPER AUTOMATIC SATIVA 10 tohum · Big Buddha Seeds · kenevir tohum · Disi · AutoFem



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    Super Automatic Sativa (S.A.S) · Big Buddha Seeds · 10 tohum

    The past few years have seen a big development in autoflowering strains. Big Buddha Seeds have come up with a new autoflowering plant with the intention of a fast flowering 'Haze' strain. The Super Automatic Sativa (S.A.S) is an autoflowering plant with a taste reminiscent of the Hazes' of Amsterdam.

    The S.A.S grows well in a good medium (soil etc.) with lots of air so the roots can stretch out to get a decent autoflowering yield which will blow you away with its quick performance, leaving you with a high ranking product capable of taking out any other strains! The sweet, piney haze like taste is very distinctive and with the fast finishing time growers will be satisfied.
    • Parents: Big Buddha’s' Automatic X Super Silver Haze 'reversed'
    • Flowering Time: Indoors - start to finish 8 to 10 weeks / Outdoors - Beginning of August
    • Genetics: Autoflowering hybrid 90% Sativa 10%
    • Sensory experience: Soaring Sativa high with touches of euphoria
    • Smell: fruity , pine , citrus hazy , very reminiscent of cup winning strains of yesteryear, a smell that you know will send you on a journey!
    • Taste: sweet, woody, pine, fruit, silver haze
    Big Buddha Seeds

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