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Syrup · Buddha Seeds 

Syrup is a hybrid obtained by crossing autoflowering varieties with the sweetest of indicas.
It has a fruity flavour with hints of ginger and elderberry, but its real beauty lies in its potency.
With dense and heavy smoke that you can almost chew, its effects are heavily narcotic and ideal for medicinal use.

Indoors it is an ideal plant for the sea of green technique; outdoors it is discreet enough to be ideal for gardens and balconies. In terms of taste it is a real delicacy and is quick enough for even the most impatient grower!

  • Environment    Indoor
  • Gender    Feminized
  • Genetics    Hybrid
  • Cultivation time    57 days
  • Production m²    375 - 450 gr
  • Outside production per plant    60 - 75 gr
  • Taste    Sweetly fruity
  • Effect    Narcotic and medicinal
Buddha Seeds

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