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    Super Silver Haze · Dr Green Seeds 

    Super Silver Haze marijuana plant smell of spices, taste delicious haze, and intense psychedelic effect are the main features of this seed, as well as resistance to mold and oversized reaching this seed of cannabis cultivated on land full sun. It is not uncommon for this plant reaches 4 meters, under appropriate conditions, with production up to 1500 grams of bright flowers resin. 

    For optimal development of this seed is not missing important nutrients consumed in great abundance, like the rest of the high production sativas, especially iron, zinc, magnesium and nitrogen, as well as a pH no higher than pH 6 , 3. 

    Super silver is suitable for SCROG or for outdoor arbor because it bends easily, and is often the only option for outdoor camouflage, unless the neighbors of the deck are really supportive. Very high power, long duration, stimulates creativity and appetite, and this plant is suitable for disorders such as anorexia.

    Dr Green Seeds

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