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AMNESIA BILBO AUTO · Genehtik · kenevir tohum · Disi · Auto Fem

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Amnesia Bilbo Auto · Genehtik Seeds

An autoflowering strain crossed with the potent Amnesia Bilbo. 
Here we have achieved an autoflowering plant with a Sativa structure that is very reminiscent of the original Amnesia Bilbo and that is ready to harvest in about 65 days after planting. 
Good sized plants with good production, containing resinous buds with aromas of Haze and flavors of a Haze with a hint of licorice. 
For an autoflowering stain its effect is HIGH. 

Type: Amnesia autoflowering hybrid
Production: 50 gr x planta ind.
Flowering indoor: 60-70 days
Outdoor Harvest: 9 weeks


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