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AUTO KRITIKAL BILBO · Genehtik · kenevir tohum · Disi · Auto Fem

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Kiritical Bilbo Auto · Genehtik Seeds

Performing various backcrosses of the famous and award winning Bilbo Kritikal autoflowering varieties, we've got this new variety. The result of these crossings has produced a plant with fruity flavors and aromas, with a narcotic effect and a good production. With rapid growth that barely two weeks automatically blooms which look very similar to Kritikal Bilbo.

It's a new generation autoflowering, more powerful and productive thanks to the various crosses with whom we have worked. The plant size is medium, ideal for discreet exterior balconies and terraces. We also get great results growing it indoors, reaching a height of about 60-70 cm or more. Kritikal branched plants as Bilbo, with dense buds and very aromatic that closely resemble his mother.
Ideal for those seeking a autoflowering plant with fruity aromas and sweet flavors.

Features. -
Type: Autoflowering hybrid Bilbo Kritikal
Yield: 40 gr x plant int. / 70 gr x plant ext.
Flowering indoor: 60-70 days
Outdoor Harvest: 8 weeks


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