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AUTO NORTHERN LIGHTS · Genehtik · kenevir tohum · Disi · Auto Fem

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Northern Lights Auto · Genehtik Seeds 

This seed is a hybrid result of various crosses of the mythical autoflowering NORTHERN LIGHTS. Produces potente.Su productive autoflowering plant growth is about two weeks and quickly begins to bloom. He has good size for autoflowering and is highly branched, producing very good buds on lateral branches, ideal for outdoor unnoticed. Indoors to photoperiod 20/4 occupies the space very well and are good in size and production plants.
Dense, resinous aroma and sweet flavor and pungent. Its effect is quite narcotic predominantly due to genetic indicated and has good power.

Features. -
Type: Hybrid norhtern lights x autoflowering
Yield: 40 gr x plant int. - 75 gr x plant ext.
Flowering indoor: 40-60 days
Outdoor Harvest: 9 weeks


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