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ZURI WIDOW · Genehtik · kenevir tohum · Disi · Fem

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Zuri Widow · Genehtik Seeds

In the late nineties is the beginning of the grows in the state, then it was in Bilbao WHITE WIDOW very special one, selected years ago by several illustrious growers, indoor growing pioneers and activism vascas.Ganadora of cannabis in multiple lands awards.
Admired for its white appearance extremely resinous and pungent floral aroma and ocher informer. Dry earthy taste, reminiscent of the moss while potently dulce.Efecto touch white indicated to stop more than one, but has a touch sativa that does not let you turn it off. Plant small, very good for hydroponic cultivation, with very broad leaves and dark green.
The production is average but his hard white buds, compact and tight, once dry, open to crumble more than any other variety.
Outdoors is done as a shrub, medium and very wide with lots of branching and compact resinous buds.

Features. -
Type: Indica
Production: 400-450 gr/m2
Flowering indoor: 52-58 days
Outdoor Harvest: September / OctubreTipo: Indicates


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