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Pato #1 · Kannabia Seeds

The selection of a commercial male, to improve this variety through “endogamic” crosses (IBL), has been one of the big achievements of our breeding team. The result: a Skunk-Mango with late flowering. In order to adapt the flowering period to indoor growing, we decided to cross it with our Afghan male from Mazar, which contributes with an extra in production. The result is a cross that surprises every grower who tests it. This plant produces big size flowers all along its stems.

Vegetative cycle: 
 15 days
Flowering cycle: 
 65 days
Medium height: 
 from 150 cm
 480 gr/m2
 end September
Medium height: 
 + 300 cm
 450 gr/pianta
 18 - 20 %
Kannabia Seed Company

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