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Cristal Limit · KC Brains

KC Brains Seeds Crystal Limit is a stable indica/sativa hybrid of two potential marijuana strains, Crystal and K.C. 606, and one of those cannabis which has no limits. Her highest qualities have been noticed - she won the first place at the HighLife Cup 2002. KC Brain seed breeders created this marijuana variety to satisfy the majority of the cannabis growers and smokers.

Crystal Limit took the best qualities from both parents, an easy growing and fast flowering and maturing from KC 606 and a unique, sweet aroma, great yield of crystals and hitting high from Crystal. Cannabis seeds of this cannabis are thoroughly selected and produce nearly 80% of germination. They grow into short bushy plant with narrow and light green, typical indica looking, leaves. They inherited KC 606 ability to resist attacks of pests and mould and can produce large sticky buds under almost any conditions. Flowering takes no longer than 9 weeks, then the newly forming buds will enchant you with sweet, slightly hash aroma.


  • Type : Indica, Sativa, Indica / Sativa, Mostly indica
  • Flowering : Photoperiod
  • Genetics : Cristal x KC 606
  • Flowering Time : Medium, Long
  • Outdoor Harvest : September
  • Height : Tall
  • THC Level : >15%
  • Characteristics : crossbred from Cristal with K.C. 606
K.C. Brains Seeds

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