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    Kalichakra · Mandala Seeds

    This variety carries the name of the Hindu Godess Kali, a tantric partner of the ganja smoking God Shiva. With Kalichakra we offer a hardy, potent sativa hybrid with a good yield. This sativa remains easy to control in height - indoor you can expect her to increase two to three times in height in the flowering period. Outdoors she will reach a height of 1,6 - 2,0 meters in temperate climates. Due to the high calyx-leaf ratio the quality of the flowers is above average and she is easy to manicure. She grows in two distinct phenotypes: some plants develop their resinous flowers in an airy pattern, others grow compact quality buds. Kalichakra provides clones easily and in Hydroponics rapid growth can be expected - thereby shortening the flowering time.

    Type: sativa-indica
    Cultivation: indoor/outdoor
    Light: 400 W/m2
    Flowering time: 70-75 days/October
    Yield: 500-550 gr/m2 (dry weight)
    High: a potent, sativa high with an energizing body effect; THC-tolerance only builds up slowly, therefore the best choice for medical or regular users.
    Medical Use: Kalichakra shows her therapeutic potential in pain relief and helping against depression.

    Mandala Seeds

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