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    Snow White · Nirvana Seeds

    Nirvana Snow White is one of our top-notch selections from the white marijuana seeds family. Her pure cannabis indica father gives Snow White a denser stature than close relative White Widow, making this F1 hybrid a big yielder indeed. Its plants bear dense sticky buds covered in trichomes. These marijuana seeds are well suited to cultivation in hydro or similar systems. With its lovely smooth taste and powerful indica stone, Snow White is one of the nicest Widow variations available.

    • Top quality white F1 hybrid.
    • Short indica stature, sticky buds, lots of trichomes.
    • Strong stone, smooth taste.

    Plant Type    Hybrid
    Cultivation    Indoor
    Plant Height    Medium
    Effect    Stoned (Body Buzz, Relaxing Effect)
    Flavor    Sweet, Smooth
    Average Yield    400 - 500 g/m² in SOG
    Flowering Period    8 - 10 weeks
    White Strain    Yes
    Medical Use    Yes

    Nirvana Seeds

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