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Auto AK 47  · Grassomatic Seeds 

A crossing of an F1 Lowryder  and the new Automatic AK 47 in which parents provide their best genetic characteristics: high resin production, a fruity scent of a phenotype Lowryder  carefully selected, and size and of  the Automatic AK 47. Polihybrid This is absolutely autoflowering and matures in 70-75 days of germination, reaching a size optimal if given enough light (intensity and time).

The best conditions are 20 hours of light and darkness, 4 over the cycle. In abroad, the best season (in production) is between May and August, but it is very easy to do more cycles per season, until November. In winter, is not recommended (though the plant develops well) because to have lower quality of light, accusing quite production.

Genetics: Automatic AK 47 x Lowryder # 2
Type: Auto-flowering hybrid
Sex: Feminised
Height: 40-70cm
Flowering: automatic - during the third week
Harvest: 70-75 days from germination
Production: 20-50 grams per plant
Pot: 5-12 liters
Cultivation: Indoor / Outdoor

Grassomatic Seeds

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