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AUTO NEW YORK DIESEL - 3 Kenevir Tohum - Disi - Otocicekleme



Güvenli Alışveriş


Gizli Teslimat


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This is the Automatic version of the sensational and radical new mix, New York Diesel which is an F1 hybrid of our popular Sativa Mexicana and a specially stabilised Aurora Indica. The latter`s heavy, greasy narcotic buzz beautifully takes the edge off the crispness and speedy effect of the former. Auto NYD`s shockingly powerful terpenoids result in a weed with a lemony flavour and the diesel-like aroma that inspired its name. Its plants grow tall stems with a surprisingly tight bud structure. Yields are not outstanding but still worthwhile.

Additional Information
Seedbank: Dr Green Seeds


THC: 15%

Composición: 30% Rudelaris; 50% Indica; 20% Sativa

INDOOR               OUTDOR

Alt 25-75cm          +120cm

Peso 15-40gr/pl     +55gr

Tiempo Flor. 90dias desde semilla

Dr Green Seeds

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