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Speedy Boom Auto · Kannabia Seeds

This variety is a real ‘Pure Bred’. Proceeding from one of the most well-known lineages to worldwide breeders, AK-47, this is a genuine and exclusive 100% autoflowering cross. Try this variety that stands out for its intense and spicy flavour in combustion.

Your nose will itch ... This autoflowering seed has a high psychoactive level. Speedy Boom Auto has a fir structure ending in thin leaves with serrate edges and little internodal distance. You will achieve optimum performance in all growing conditions. This is a very versatile plant acclimatized to dry climates. It is recommended for both indoor and outdoor growing, however the plant will show all its power indoors. Long central buds with flowers that compact and become like stones if you reduce the photoperiod hours during the last flowering weeks.

For an optimum result, plant in over 7 litre pots. Indoors, you can grow in 18 hour photoperiods without any problem. Outdoors, we suggest planting from March to October. Its highly stimulating and euphoric effect is recommended for illnesses related to depression.

Always up, up!!! Yeepa!!

  • Type: 100% AUTOFLOWERING
  • Height: 50-80 cm
  • Flowering: START IN THE 4th WEEK
  • Harvest: 65-70 DAYS FROM SEED
  • Production: 40-80 GRAMS

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