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Nebula · Paradise Seeds

Winner 3d prize Highlife Cup 2004 (hydro category)

Genetics: Slightly more Sativa( Haze), than Indica. Specifics: Like the name suggests this plant is covered with twinkling shiny THC glands. Her fruity flavour and scent is a delight to even the most experienced smoker. She is bound to get you into the realm of space. Her buzz is typically trancendental and it is known she takes far beyond your grasp. When you wnat to join the worlds of Nebula, she is waiting to give you univerals depth.

  • Flowering Time: 56-62 days.
  • Yield Per m2: 450-500 grams.
  • Yield Per Plant (Outdoors): 500-600 grams.
  • Harvest Time (Outdoors): Middle of October (at 50° Northern Latitude).
Paradise Seeds

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