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JACK DIESEL EXPRESS AUTO · Positronics · kenevir tohum · Disi · AutoFem

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Jack Diesel Express Auto · Positronics Seeds

Two pillars of cannabis breeding together to produce a range that far exceeds their parents. The strength of one of the most famous hybrids in the world, Jack Herer, adds to the power and aroma of the New York City Diesel, one of the most recent discoveries. Thus, the synergy of the final hybrid produced from a parent with the best "pedigree" causes all growers, from beginner to "connoisseur", can do without this variety on their menu.

Plant strong and vigorous, with strong vegetative growth of Indian type, with short internodal distances and large central bud is transformed into sativa at flowering side branches extending and adding at the end a sea of ??"satellite" hard crystallized buds, uppercase around the central bud. Very voracious plant best not to prolong the growing indoors. Strong odor in bloom, it is necessary to use carbon filters or ionizers.


  • -Genealogy: Jack Diesel x Lowryder II
  • -Type: Autoflowering.
  • -Flowering: 65/70 days after germination.

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