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Auto Lennon · Pyramid Seeds   

Auto-flowering varieties have been improved in quality, size and yield over the last few years. Therefore, their level of acceptance and appreciation amongst growers has also increased.This happens with Auto Lennon, a plant with a remarkable flavor of incense and euphoric effects.With long, thin, resinous buds, Auto Lennon can measure between 60 cm and 110 cm.It can be grown outdoors from April (first sowing) to October (the last one). If cultivated outside on a monthly basis, starting April you can get five harvests per year.


Ruderalis 30% / Sativa 30% / Indica 40%

  Yield: 30 - 100 gr.

75 - 85 days

  Height: 60 - 110 cm

April / October

  THC: 10 - 13 %
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