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Auto Nefertiti · Pyramid Seeds

Another automatic Sativa put at your disposal, Auto Nefertiti is a plant with a strong mint flavor, and a touch of Haze.
This Sativa has a strong smell of Haze and it is similar to Nefertiti, but with hints of citrus, strawberry and orange. It has a spongy appearance and a large elongated flower full of resin. It can reach up to 150 cm.
Outdoors: in 20 liter pots, over 100 grams yield per plant.
Indoors: one meter plants with 50-60 grams per plant.Variety developed by L’Hort Dels Somnis for Pyramid Seeds.


Type: Ruderalis 25% / Sativa 65% / Indica 10%   Yield: 100 gr.
Indoor: 100 days   Height: 60 - 180 cm
Outdoor: February / October   THC: 11 - 14 %
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