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Auto Purple · Pyramid Seeds

Our research for new strains allowed the development of Auto Purple, a mix of Purple and Ruderalis. It´s a strain with a delicious flavor of grape juice, berries and a sweet smell of black liquorice. It is a compact, purple colored plant that can reach up to 120 cm. Outdoors: If cultivated directly in soil, this strain may allow over 200 gram’s harvests. If in flower pots, we recommend 20 liter’s pot (as for all auto flowering strains). Auto Purple was created by L´Hort Dels Somnis for Pyramid Seeds.

Type: Ruderalis 25% / Sativa 65% / Indica 10%   Yield: 30 - 200 gr.
Indoor: 70 days   Height: 50 - 120 cm
Outdoor: March / October   THC: 9 - 13 %


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