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Arises from the selection of one of the most powerful Hawaiian Sativa in the last decade: Hawaiian Haze, crossed with our sweet and devastating "Double Glock". This mixture results in a more sativa plants in our catalog HAWAIIAN WAVE. In producing this cross so powerful we have a sweet mix of red fruit flavors with a touch heavy metal Haze characteristic. Hawaiian Wave has a very clear and introspective, with a bloom of only 80 days!
Its effect is "high" active brain and durable, providing long and pleasurable experiences sativas. With the result of this hybrid sativa / indica Flowering got a 10 to 11 weeks and outstanding performance.
  • Vegetative: 1 to 2 weeks.
  • Genotype: 80% sativa.
  • Flowering indoor: 75/85.
  • Flowering outdoor: Final November.
  • Production: Medium / High.
  • Effect: Euphoric / Energy.
Ripper Seeds

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