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NORTHERN LIGHTS 9 · Sagarmatha Seeds · kenevir tohum · Disi · Fem

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Northern Lights #9 · Sagarmatha Seeds

Potent, compact, and connoisseur quality brings this Northern Light example to the smokers ring.  With a lethargic punch and brain-whack crunch, your disposition is compressed on itself sometimes flooring unsuspecting tokers. The smell is soft on the nose, great for closet and clandestine growing. A medium to large production puts pleasure and profit in your pocket.  For people who work hard and have lots of stress this weed is among the best. You will forget your problems (at least for an hour)and relax, get yourself centered and then rebooted. All of the day's aggression goes up in smoke and the pleasures of the day sink in. Not recommended for daytime smoke unless you have the day off, after smoking NL#9 you will be getting off and off and off.

  • Type: Indica - Sativa, interior.
  • Flowering time: 55 días. 
  • Average height:: 0,5 - 0,75 metros.
  • Yield: 300 - 325 gramos / m2.
Sagarmatha Seeds

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