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Soma, the mastermind behind Soma Seeds, definitely pours some love into his little babies! Who else would come up with such a delicious double play on words for these cannabis seeds? SoGouda is ?So Good? and ?So Cheesy!?
If you?re a beginner, this seed dude will tell you to give SoGouda Feminized a try! It?s a proven workhorse that can take anything you throw at her including typical newbie mistakes.
Blueberry X Cheese X G13 Haze
The Quintessential Beginner Strain!
Crisp, Tangy Flavour ? Truly Luscious Smoke!
At Least 40 Grams in 9 to 10 Weeks!
SoGouda Feminized Seeds are lime green with large, trichome-covered nuggs. The flavour is very tangy and pleasant, the smoke is lush and the yields will always reach at least 40 grams according to Soma himself! What more could a greenhorn ask for?
The Rhino cut his teeth on SoGouda Feminized Cannabis Seeds when he was a young calf! Now a seasoned veteran, he fondly tells stories of his early years ? whether or not we want to hear them. Take his word for it ? SoGouda is the perfect jumping off point!
Seed bank: Soma Feminized
Type: Feminized Seeds
Soma Seeds

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