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Afghan Kush Special · World of Seeds ( Legend C.)

World of Seeds Legend Collection Afghan Kush Special is pollen obtained from plants genetically modificated. The male is obtained from a determinated quantity of plants growth with a mitothic inhibitor that give us polysomic plants. This mutant hybrids has been selected and classified with the best properties in order to obtain a new potential genetic in a new cross. Afghan Kush Special feminized cannabis seeds are ideal for indoor growing. She produces a heavy yield with 400gr per m2. She also shows excellent performance when grown outdoors with the yield 500-600gr per m2. It won't take more than 3 weeks before the seed turns into compact cannabis plants that can be successfully cloned. When grown indoors, the height of a plant is not more than 1,5m. The outdoor grower will be enchanted with 2 m high giants of pure indica goodness. Flowering period is 6-8 weeks. Outdoor cannabis grower can start harvesting in October. Afghan Kush Special marijuana produces massive rounded sticky buds of pure indica, THC is 20%. The smell of this cannabis variety is hashish, so popular between cannabis smokers. They describe its flavour as fruity sweet and enjoy its very narcotic powerful effect.


  • Genotype 100% indica
  • THC 20%
  • Indoor Harvest Time Not especified
  • Flavour Noble wood
  • Way of cropping Ind/Out
  • Production 400-450gr indoor / 400-550gr outdoor
  • Smell High
  • Efect Not specified
  • Resistance to mold High
  • Outdoor Harvest Time mid-October
  • Resistance to plagues High
  • Sex Feminized
  • Lineage modified afghan kush
  • Irrigation tolerancy High
  • Medicinal value High
World of Seeds

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