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Northern Lights x Skunk · World of Seeds ( Medical C.)

Our Afghan Kush variety of great medical value due to its production of cannabinoids, is characterizes by dense buds, covered by beautiful glands of resign. Its bred with the classic predominant indica: skunk1 (first cultivated hybrid indica-sativa), it shows us its anormous energy, rising even more the productiveness and therapeutic value that the well known Afghan Kush.


  • Genotype- Mainly indica
  • THC- 17%
  • Indoor Harvest Time- from 55 to 60 dias
  • Flavour- Incensed
  • Way of cropping- Ind/Out
  • Production- 400-500 gr indoor / 900 gr outdoor
  • Smell -High
  • Efect- Medicinal
  • Resistance to mold- High
  • Outdoor Harvest Time- Not Specified
  • Resistance to plagues- High
  • Sex- Feminized
  • Lineage- northern light x skunk
  • Irrigation tolerancy- High
  • Medicinal value- Very high
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