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Pure landrace coming from the islands of Ko Chang (Thailand). Is one of the varieties with the highest content in THC of the world. It is loved by Thailand croppers who take it to Bangkok affording the hardest law of this country. Is one of the varieties more productive in Thailand, maybe because of being one genetic variant produced by those expert croppers, because of it, it has a relatively short harvesting time. Its smell and flavour will close you Asia, and its effects will take you to the mysterious temples of Bangkok.

  • Genotype- 100% Sativa
  • THC -22,3%
  • Indoor Harvest Time- Not specified
  • Flavour -Not specified
  • Way of cropping- In/Out
  • Production -300 gr indoor / 450-500 gr outdoor
  • Smell -Not specified
  • Effect -Not specified
  • Resistance to mould- Medium
  • Outdoor Harvest Time- Not Specified
  • Resistance to plagues- High
  • Sex- Regular
  • Lineage- Ko Chang, Thailand
  • Irrigation tolerance- Low
  • Medicinal value- Not specified
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