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Auto Devil Cream · Sweet Seeds

Auto 100 % . Polygenetic result of crossing selected of our two purple strains flowers Black Cream and Dark Devil . This variety shows from germination great hybrid vigor as a result of his high genetic mixture. 
The variety it´s been developed with the typical structure of an Indica-Sativa hybrid with a strong stem, strong side branches and large leaves that eventually form a thick, dense central bud surrounded by multiple buds on the side branches also of good size and density.
Produce very abundant aromatic resin . The aroma of this variety is sweet and fruity with hints of incense and hints of lemon citrus . In the case of auto-flowering plants acquire a high-class, inherited genetic Dark Devil involved in the crossing , reaching some individuals at harvest meter high above the carvings, all in just two months from germination of seeds. The effect of the resin is powerful and exciting.

Autoflowering 100 %
Last Indoor: 350-600 g/m2
Last Exterior: 40-175 g / plant
Indoor / Outdoor Harvest : 8 weeks from germination
Height: 70-120 cm
Red Flower: 85 % approx. individuals

Sweet Seeds

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