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Auto OG Kush · Dr Green Seeds

Auto OG Kush is a plant with small diameter but hard as a stone and also with a high concentration of CBD and THC. A much sought after plant on the west coast of the Americas because the taste and high it offers is very different from what we are used to in more European regions.

It is an excellent option for indoors where it will grow strong and dense, with a light-colored foliage, and an earthy aroma that pulls back. A plant that will be ready in only 70 days from the planting and that will offer plants of up to 30 gr per properly formed specimen, in pots of 7 to 11 liters and under 600-1000w spotlights. It is a plant that you will see how delicate it is in reference to the fertilizers you need. Above all we should not exceed during the flowering period since if from its growth we have given the correct parameters it will flourish with a vigor characteristic of the best indices of the planet.

Outside we will also see how it stands slender and strong, preparing all its branches for the flowering something long that it presents. As in the interior, we will have it ready in about 70 days of cultivation, although if we want to get the most out of it we should wait a week more, since it will almost double the final production. It is resistant to fungi, although somewhat delicate with pests, so you must prevent it if you want to get those precious golden buds and earthy scent offered by Auto OG Kush.

Clear and perfect effect to go out with friends or with your partner. It does not smell, is discreet and also has very high levels in terms of resin. Earthy and very cloying flavors that will make you want to smoke one after the other. In Growbaratao.net we have selected the best specimens of this already legendary strain to always guarantee excellent germination and a relatively simple crop for the cost of our seeds in bulk.

· Sativa / Indica: 20/80%
· Flowering: 60-70 days from germination.
· Height: 0.4-1m inside and outside.
· Data sheet
· Taste - Earthy
· Hot weather
· Effect - Medicinal Antidepressant
· Genotype - Autoflowering

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