Secure payment

Payment options: by Credit Card ( VISA/MASTERCARD), by Bank Transfer, by Cash on Delivery (COD) or by BITCOINS.

CREDIT CARDS: We have SLL To ensure that our customers have a secure and safe experience while browsing our website, that´s why payment by credit card is made in mode SEC (Secure Electronic Commerce). Major credit cards are accepted (Visa, MasterCard) and in your bank statement only a very discrete name of "Quick Pay" or "PAYTPV ON LINE" appears.

BITCOINS:  You can buy now your cannabis seeds anonymously with Bitcoin. During Checkout process choose the payment method “Pay with BITCOINS”, You will then see the BiDi, scan it with your mobile or your bitcoin app and confirm your payment! That's it! The whole process takes less then 1 minute (once you have your bitcoins you can pay and it is confirmed within seconds!!!) .

We recomend the BITCOIN, as there is no comission on BTC it means we save money (and you too!!!) and we pass it upon you: for every order paid with bitcoins we will offer 3 feminized seeds!!!

YES! 1 pack of 3 feminised seeds or AUTO feminized seeds! THIS OFFER IS ONLY FOR BITCOIN PAYMENTS, pay with bitcoins and receive your cannabis seeds fresh from the lastest harvest!

BANK TRANSFER: For larger orders we prefer a bank money transfer. 

CASH ON DELIVERY (COD): This payment mode is only available for European territory.


PAYPAL:  Sorry for Paypal payment, at the moment Paypal has blocked our account and prevents us from selling seeds (they say it is again their policy. Please visit this site for further information: PAYPAL). We will only accept to send to a verified PAYPAL address for the delivery and NOT to any other different name than the one indicated in the PAYPAL account. This is why Bitcoin is a better option than Paypal. 

We do NOT accept anymore these payment methods (too costy - for you as for us): Western Union and MoneyGram.

Thanks for your understanding!