So happy to add Miss Nicole Kush !! 100% feminized genetics derived from the legendary Kosher Kush, multiple Cannabis Cup winner. When this legend crossed with a strain called Nicole, Nicole Kush emerged, a unique Kush experience.



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Nicole Kush · Dr Green Seeds 

This strain is indica-dominant, with 75% indica and 25% sativa genetics. When smoked, the user experiences soft and relaxing sensations of pure magic. This extremely resinous strain is often used to make BHO concentrates and bubble hash.

A very successful plant and easy to grow both indoors and outdoors. It flowers indoors in approximately 65 days and outdoors we can harvest it in mid-October.

It is a variety with high levels of THC.


  • -Variety with very high yield.
  • -Sativa 25% / Indica 75%.
  • -Feminized variety.
  • -Stable and homogeneous cultivation.
  • -Flowering of 60-65 days indoors.
  • -Harvest in mid-September outdoors.
  • -Aroma and flavor kush.
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