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Critical Bilbo · Dr Green Seeds

Critical Bilbo is one of the most cultivated varieties of marijuana because it is very tasty and powerful, apart in our interiors gives very high yields becoming easy to reach 500g / m² up to the most novice grower.

It is a very grateful variety from the beginning of your life, germinating all with great force in a single day, and will come to the surface of the earth in a little more of another day and there will be no way to stop it, with its large leaves and Wide, with a very green color and that tolerates good doses of fertilizers in all its phases, since it is a plant that becomes big, but also because it eats a lot.

Form long and thick branches that will withstand the weight of your buds when the flowering ends so do not worry about tutoring it if it is not for problems of space, because by weight will not be that they bend, and for lack of weight will not be Since their buds, although spongy, weigh a great deal.

If we grow it outdoors is a plant that resists fungi well but it will be better to plant them in a hot place to get maximum production. In mid-September we will have our plants more mature and ready to cut, and if we have given good care and not miss anything we will have plants up to 700g of the highest quality.

If we cultivate indoors it is a very grateful variety, being able to spend 15 days to bloom, thus reducing its width a bit and making the most of its cups or eyes central and the 4 branches above, placing some 9 seeds of Critical Bilbo in 1M² we can get the half kilo easily, and the best quality of flavor, since every day are August indoors and give us the best of it. In about 60 days of flowering we will have our plants ready for the cut when we pass to flowering, we will only dry and enjoy to the maximum of a grass that you will not get tired of planting after another, since it is good for self consumption for its Quality as for the commercial crop by its quantity.

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