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Amnesia  Mistery · Positronics Seeds

Discover the mystery. With Mystery amnesia is a step forward in the development of genetics sativa latest. Our best Amnesia clone was selected and crossed with a mysterious reached the lush valleys of California. As a result of this union came a huge plant dimensions and one of the best flowers ever seen. Delightful sativa for expert growers.

Noted for its strong growth, if not huge. Its strong structure allows Amnesia Mistery develop more branches than usual. This feature makes that produces many flowers and a large central bud typical sativa varieties. Its powerful growth Amnesia Mistery makes the largest plant in the garden. Takes up lots of space when being cultivated. It also has a great strength to the attack of any type of fungus.


  • -Type: Sativa.
  • -Genotype: Kalimist x S. S. Haze x Jack Herer.
  • -Production: 400-500 gr/m2.
  • -Indoor: 80-90 days.
  • -Exterior: 2nd week in October.
  • -THC: 21%. -CBD: 0.3%.

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