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Purple Haze # 1 · Positronics Seeds

Created in the 70s in the U.S., was catapulted to fame thanks to Jimmy Hendrix song. That variety is far from what today offers Positronics, because in its origins a psychoactive Purple Haze medium-low and minimal production. Hazes were too pure to flower, not been implemented properly. Still it was the most consumed variety in Woodstock. Since then Positronics have kept this variety with great secrecy and suspicion to relaunch almost 40 years later to get that spirit of the hippie generation that we long.

Plant large force, large medium thick stems take on purple tones. Great internodal distance, share Claustrum growth pattern, spreading its branches in a fir or candelabra, optimizing the production of flower clusters.
Moderate amount of leaves and fairly large fine and serrated for haze. Flowers acquire purple tones with shades ranging from violet to maroon, giving one unique polychrome this variety, all a visual delight. No doubt it will become the queen of the garden.


  • -Type: Sativa dominant.
  • -Production: 400 gr/m2.
  • -Inside: 70 days.
  • -Exterior: Oct. 4th week
  • -THC: 22%. -CBD: 0.2%.

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